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Videos of our Spaces & Happenings

Pleasant Valley Maple Lodging

In the Woods ...

Yet Close to Everything in the Hudson Valley

Cleanup After Some Snow

Here at PVML you can snowshoe across our meadow and through our private forest! Or just relax by the fireplace. 


We are a short drive from Thunder Ridge and less than an hour from Catamount for downhill skiing. 

Take a Tour

of The Cottage

This tour was recorded in November 2023.  Please excuse our hay-covered yard.  The hay is protecting the little grass seedlings which will sprout in the spring.

The Firepit
Outside of the Cottage

The firepit can function for outdoor dining.  There is a cover for when it is not in use.  There is also a wind guard.  This amenity is stowed away during the colder months.

The Babbling Brook at PVML

This video was recorded in November 2023, after the leaves had fallen from the trees.  The property is more exposed, but you can see (and hear) the water.

The Babbling Brook at PVML

This video was recorded in the summer of 2023, when the folliage is at its fullest.  This was shot after a heavy rain.

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