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Gather here with friends, family, or co-workers.  Pleasant Valley Maple Lodging offers guests a venue where all can experience pristine beauty in a private and intimate setting.  Use our well equipped home and grounds for a Micro Wedding, Commemoration of Life Event, or Company Retreat. This is the perfect space to combine the serenity of nature with life's most important moments.  

Our property has twenty acres, with an expansive field and forest.  Hiking through the wilderness is just one way to enjoy this bucolic setting.  We have plenty of options for engaging with the natural world.


With acres of woods, grassy areas, stone walls, and babbling brooks replete with hidden sanctuaries, Pleasant Valley Maple Lodging provides the space that you desire.  Bring your ideas and your people.  Here, you will have unforgetable human interactions that you can memorialize with timeless photos.


Meditate.  De-stress.  Connect.  Play.  


Included with our wonderful grounds is a gas firepit, a porch, and outside seating in varous locations around the property.  Additional seating can be arranged according to your needs.  We also have a supply of lawn games! 


Food and entertainment arrangements can be made with outside venders.

Our pricing approach is unique to each event, based on guest count and event complexity.  In this way, we can accommodate a range of budgets, plans, and visions.​​​​



Additional activities available at Pleasant Valley Maple Lodging. 
Ask your Hosts about any of these:
A- maple syrup.jpg
Agro-Forestry / Maple Syrup Production

Help identify and tap maple trees.

  • Collect tree sap.

  • Help boil sap into syrup and measure its sweetness!

  • Learn about the minerals, antioxidents, vitamins, and amino acids found in Maple Sap and Syrup.


Agro-farmers use sustainable agricultural practices that minimize impacts to the environment such as adverse effects to soil, water, and biodiversity.  Maple syrup production is a sustainable farming practice which involves tapping trees to collect sap.

Composting experience.jpg
Hands-on Citizen Science

Scientific activities such as composting or hunting for local ephemeral flora can take as little or as much time as you wish.  You'll still have plenty of time for other pursuits.

A brief respite as a Citizen Scientist is another way to relax -- or have an adventure -- and connect with nature, at the same time.  Learn how our upstate New York ecosystem connects to the overall health of our planet.

Community Science experiences are opportunites for photos and sharing with friends on social media.  It'll give you a way to be on your phone while also honoring the planet!

Hands-On Citizen Science Experience can be catered to your interests.

Eco-informational Tour

Explore the weird, wild, and wonderful:  plants that melt snow, tiny blind vampires, and birds that hiss, to name just a few.  Join the Hudson Valley Naturalist for a tour of our Woodlot and local environs. Stroll through our twenty acres and/or visit nearby scenic gems and discuss the local flora and fauna.  The tour will cover woodlot management, invasive species, local wildlife, and anything else participants are interested in discussing. 

The walk through the forest has hilled and rugged terrrain.  Participants should be fit enough to enjoy the exercise. 

Hand Massage
Spa Services

One hour Spa Service provided by NY State Licensed Massage Therapist.   Body treatments include massage,  salt scrub, body wraps and masks, and reflexology. 

Soft-tissue manipulation of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia focusing on the unique concerns of the guest. 

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