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PVML Phlog: 
Fratchkes & Brucescaps

See Wildlife at Our Secluded Vacation Retreat

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Welcome to Fratchkes and Brucescapes: A #1 Phlog - Blog

This phlog (photo-blog) is where Francine shares secrets about tsatchkes (Fratchkes) and decor inside our lodge, as well as fine points of Bruce's beautification (Brucescaping) around the dwellings of Pleasant Valley Maple Lodging. We'll display photos and videos of interesting happenings around our residences. Anything inside or outside that may interest our guests can be found on this phlog.

To start off, check out some of the natives taking one of their regular walks around our grounds. The girls are moving from Bruce's nicely mowed lawn into a forested area.

Hudson Valley Safari Vacation: Relaxing and Exciting

We and the turkeys are surrounded by our own private forest. It is sheltered and peaceful. But we are not alone...

As you can see below, critters roam about at all hours. We caught the tail end of this furry beastie on a trailcam along our driveway. No worries--wild animals stay far away from you, as you should of them. But its exciting to see them (and catch them on camera), from a safe distance!

Bear Butt

Strut like a Turkey or Lumber like a Bear...

But visit us here at Pleasant Valley Maple Lodging.

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